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I created this series in support of families coming to this country seeking legal asylum and a better life. I deliberately chose as my subjects people that resembled the ethnic and racial backgrounds of the families that were being separated. US 1 shows a young Colombian woman I met in San Francisco who had just been named the Reina Internacional del Bambuco, USA (in English, the International Queen of Bambuco, a traditional Colombian music genre). US 2 and US 3 show mothers and their children in Guatemala, each in poses of love and connection so universal you could find them in any American neighborhood. Together, the pieces create a patchwork quilt of red, white and blue I believe is representative of the diverse nature of our country.

* Art on 30th, Juried show, "Double Trouble", San Diego, CA , 2 pieces, (US1 and US3)

* US3

* US1

* US2

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