Coffee & Chai

This collection has all been sketched and painted on location. Every day I carry a little watercolor travel palette, a pen and a brush with water in the handle.

I enjoy visiting coffee shops on lazy weekends with my husband. I have been on the search for the perfect chai latte. We try to find visually quirky, off-brand shops, which are thankfully plentiful around San Diego. Wherever we land, he pulls out a book and I open my sketchpad while we enjoy our lattes. That is pretty close to heaven for me. To see my sketches, follow me on Instagram @LoriMitchellArt


*Now that we are in a pandemic we want to support the local coffee shops so we still go get coffee to go. We have been sitting in the car or going to parks so we are social distancing.

Claytons waitress-wix


Extraordinary 1sm

Hawthorn coffeesm

Extraordinary dessertssm

Coffee Beansm

Cafe Bassam wix

extraordinary desserts wix-polka-dotsm_1

Cafe Madeleine-NorthParksm

Dark Horse Wix

Brooklyn Girlsm

Kettle coffee sm

Koffee Co. coffee wix

Living Room couple

Pegasus sm

SM-Cafe Bassam 2


Pannikin, La Jollasm

Pop piesm

Toronto coffeesm

Cafe Bassam 3 wix

UTC-La Columbesm


Cafe Madeleine 2 wix

Nutmeg wix

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