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This collection was sketched and painted on location. I always carry with me a little watercolor travel palette, a pen and a brush with water in the handle.


One of the many things I enjoy about sketching is how it forces me to be present and in the moment. It engages all my senses and helps me create detailed memories of things I have experienced. I clearly remember, for instance, one of the first travel sketches I made in 2004 while in Venice, Italy. My 13-year-old daughter, April, and I were tucked together on some worn cobblestone steps in St. Mark’s Square. She cozied up in front of me while I rested my sketch pad on her back. We idly chatted while I sketched the intricate details of St. Mark’s Basilica. The sun burned through the light cotton fabric of my shirt, while the scent of roasting garlic made my stomach rumble. Tourists and Venetians alike bustled around us, as a babel of conversations danced around my ears. A young couple walked by holding waffle cones of colorful, dripping gelato. I realized then how sketching was a sensory experience that helped me truly appreciate everything around me, not like clicking a quick photo. It is one of the reasons I carry a sketchbook and pen wherever I go.

Ballard Farmer's Market, Seattle

Toronto-Cows on King Street

King Street, Toronto

Pike Place Market, Seattle

Food, Seattle

Seattle Art Museum

Madison Square Park, New York


Pike Place Market, Seattle

Florence, Italy

Boat House, New York


Venice, Italy

SketchSkool-Paris dinners

Condiments, Paris

Across from the MET, New York

Smithsonian, DC

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Travel Amsterdam stuff

Amsterdam Finds

Notre Dame // Pasadena City Hall

Venice, from train station

Venice from the Train Station

Travel Amsterdam Yellow

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Travel-Shoe museumwix

Shoe Museum, Toronto

Hagia Sophia, Istanbul

Smithsonian, DC

Utrecht, Netherlands

Union Square, San Francisco


Slideshow of images from my travels

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