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10 Women

"10 Women" began after hearing an interview with a presidential candidate. A reporter had asked what type of woman constituted a perfect 10 in the candidate's mind. The candidate answered with a salacious description of breast size and other physical attributes. It infuriated me on so many levels. First, why would a reporter even ask that question? Second, a man running for the nation's highest office reduced the value of women to the size of their body parts. And third who was he to be assigning any kind of a numbered value to anyone? It made me think about all the photos I had taken of women to serve as future subjects for illustrations. To me, all of these women had so much more value than the sum of their parts. As a result, "10 Women" demonstrates the only reason women should be associated with the number 10 is if there are ten of them.

* Canon Gallery, Annual Juried Show, Carlsbad, CA, 2016 

   Athenaeum, Annual Juried Show, La Jolla, CA, ,2017  

   Oceanside Museum of Art, Sparks gallery, Juried show, 2019

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