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Warwick's Mural

Brian Selznick

Khalil Hosseini

Julia Childs

Amor Towles

Amy Tan

Gloria Steinem

Ozzy Osborne

Ruuxa and Raina

Louise Penny

Rachel Welch

Justice Sonia Sotomayor

Alice Hoffman

Adm. Wm. McRaven

Andy Rooney

Isabelle Allende

Whoopi Goldberg

Ian McEwan

Diane Keaton

Colson Whitehead

Jon Meachum

Warwick’s is the oldest family-owned bookstore in the United States. This mural was created to celebrate their 125th anniversary in 2021. The mural features 20 authors that have signed books at Warwick’s over the years. The mural takes up the entire second floor wall of Warwick's and wraps around the corner; just off Drury Lane in La Jolla, CA. 


"Spectacular work!!!!!  WoW!!!  

This is absolutely incredible Lori!!  I'm thrilled not just for the store, but for you too.  It's a huge accomplishment.  You should be so proud.  Your artwork is not only amazing, but I just love the happiness it exudes.

Thank you so much!!


Nancy Warwick

Warwick's Installation

Warwick’s is the oldest family-owned bookstore in the United States. This installation was created to celebrate their 125th anniversary in 2021.  The artwork depicts a timeline of Warwick's evolution since its founding in 1896.



"The install looks fantastic- just lovely and perfect for Warwick’s. Thank you so much Lori for the beautiful artwork— your understanding of our needs, and the presentation of the store, was spot on, and your artwork is just amazing.  I will enjoy it for the rest of my life."


Nancy Warwick


The creation of this artwork for the front awning was part of the 125 year celebration of Warwick's, the oldest family owned bookstore in the United States.


Warwick's stickers.jpg

Tranquil/Tranquilla, 2023

The inspiration for the artwork for Fire Station 38 comes from the natural surroundings of Otay Mesa. Rather than do just one “snapshot” representing one view and one moment in time, I looked at the vistas from high and low and I observed different seasons. I also looked at sunrises and sunsets. I wanted to represent myriad views to celebrate the distinctive characteristics of the region where FS 38 is located. 

I work in watercolor and have been experimenting with the look of edges and textures that are created with the different consistencies of the water to paint ratio. My work is informed by the sensuous edges seen in Helen Frankenthaler’s paintings. She is an American abstract expressionist painter. The use of black and white is a personal homage to the delicate balances of dark and light values Ansel Adams used so effectively in his iconic photographs of American vistas. The sharp contrast of dark and light helps to highlight the varying horizon lines moving through each panel, and recreates the perspectives one might experience on a leisurely hike through the area. The black and white color palette is striking and fits nicely into the black, ivory, and greens of the building architecture.